Ila’ Arabic Language Certification

The Oxford Institutes is the only center in the Calabria region for Arabic language certification. Learning and obtaining a certification in Arabic provides various job opportunities, such as international journalist, interpreter, or within the military field. Contact us for more information about our courses, which are exclusively taught by native-speaking instructors throughout Italy, both in-person and online.

The next exam sessions are scheduled for July 2021. Here are the costs for different levels:

Level A1: 80 euros + 25 euros administrative fees
Level A2: 100 euros + 25 euros administrative fees
Level B1: 120 euros + 25 euros administrative fees
Don’t miss the opportunity to certify your Arabic language skills with the Oxford Institutes. Contact us today for more details and to start your learning journey. Whether you’re seeking an international career or aiming to expand your job prospects, learning Arabic can open many doors for you. Take advantage of courses taught by highly qualified native-speaking instructors and enjoy the flexibility of online lessons or the convenience of in-person classes. Contact us now to enroll and prepare for the exam, which will grant you a recognized and valuable certification in the professional world.


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